Thermochillers 6kW-54kW

Ever Cool thermo-chillers contains within one single structure heating and cooling functions. It is consequently possible to control different temperatures, flow rates and pressure valves. The unit is completed by a cooling group working to keep a stainless steel tank at a steady temperature; a set of pumps draws cooled water and mix it with the water coming back from the uses thus to reach the set temperature valve. For versions performing only, the cooled tank is excluded and a heater is switched on to get an independent circuit driven by a 3-way valve. 

Ever Cool thermo-chillers is available in many different versions allowing the user to easily trace the solutions being closer to his own production needs. The following options are in fact available: 

  • 3 different heaters (6-12-18kW), according to machine model
  • Water pumps with different  flow rate and pressure valves
  • Air cooled version either with axial (RB-A) or centrifugal) RB-C) fans
  • Water cooled version (RB-W) controlled by pressure valve

Upon request, each unit may be customized applying: 

  • One or two probes into the mould allowing both the reading and the further adjustment of temperature
  • Emptying of the hydraulic circuit by compressed air
  • Multi-way manifolds complete with valves for the direct connection to moulds
  • RS485 interface communication

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