Ever Cool chiller units consists of modular air or water cooled chillers developed thanks to the applications of the most advanced refrigeration technologies of industrial processor. Efficiency, Flexibility and Raised performance is the main features distinguishing this project.

  • Constructed from ALU-ZINC steel coated with polyester resin.
  • Shell & tube evaporator which can be opened for inspection.
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Scroll hermetic or screw semi-hermetic compressors
  • Electrical panel manufactured to IP54
  • Control panel

Compressor: Ever Cool base module may house scroll hermetic or screw semi-hermetic compressors. Refrigerant gas used is R407C and R134A according to the applicaton and to the use. Depending on capacity gas circuits may be one, two, three or four and gas compressors from one to eight. To improve thermos-performances and reduce consumption, the chillers are equipped with electronic expansion valves. Flexible polyamide pipes are applied to diminish noise created by the turbulence of the pressurized gas.

Evaporator & Tank: Each unit has an inspect able to shell and tube gas evaporator into an AISI 304 stainless steel tank. The special water distribution, avoiding contact with ferrous parts, results in a rust-free hydraulic circuit. In its FT-version, Ever Cool chiller is supplied only with the inspect able shell and tube gas evaporator suitable for use with an external tank.

Hydraulic Circuit:  In its standard version with tank it is complete with stainless steel high pressure pump, automatic water filling system, automatic hydraulic by-pass, vacuum and safety valves, water pressure gauge and service valves.

Fans:  Thanks to the large exchange surface of the condensers, the energy consumption of the fans is reduced, with a lower noise leve. Axial fans are controlled by fan speed control (option) with centrifugal fans are controlled by a "soft start" system (option)