Ever Cool chiller units can be used in many different industries where chiled process water is required. 

Plastics, Welding, Robotics, Laser Systems, Food / Beverages, Chemicals, Pharamceuticals, Flexographic. 


  • Air or water condenser units
  • Tropicalised condenser with subcooling Axial or radial fans
  • Microprocessor control panel
  • Castors mounted for ease of transport
  • Insulated stainless steel close tank with manual fill (Optional automatic water filling)
  • Air intake filter
  • Refrigerant circuit with expansion valve and low / high pressure switches
  • Automatic hydraulic by-pass and water pressure gauge
  • Charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant and CE marking

Frame: Self-supporting aluminum frame further protected with polyester powder painting. Easy to remove panels allow access inside of the units for maintenance and other Necessary operations. Base made of zinco-coated and painted carbon steel complete with Hooks allowing easy lifting for carriage.

Compressors: EC units are fitted with1 or 2 separate gas circuits and equipped with orbiting rotary Scroll compressors. Thanks to the reduced quantity of parts in motion and to the absence of suction/delivery valves, these compressors are extremely silent and are fit for applications with low/average capacity. Units are charged with refrigerant R 407C or upon request with refrigerant R 410a.

Fans: Axial fans directly coupled to a 3 phase electric motor with external rotor. Motors are IP54 with class F insulation, protected from voltage peaks by magneto-thermal switches. Low noise and super low noise version available.

Condenser: Copper tube and aluminum finned coil. High efficient condensing coil placed into the frame on vertical configuration.

Evaporator: According to the size, units may be fitted either with stainless steel brazed plate or shell and tube evaporator (on request). An electric heater controlled by a thermostat avoids the ice-formation into the evaporator.

Electric Panel and Microprocessor control system: Electrical cabinet is IP54 rated. All power components and control devices are manufactured according to IEC 204-1 rules and are separately assembled into the panel, sheltered from pollution. Power section includes the general switch, magneto-thermal relays for the fans, contacts and protection fuses for the compressors and for the fans. Star-up for the compressors is star/Delta type for limited starting currents.

Electrical cabinet also includes:
1. Thermal fans relays: safety devices against the overload of the electric fans motor.
2. Phase monitor (400/3/50): It checks the current sequence of phases as well the lack of phase.
3. Alarm from external device to eventually switch off the chiller.